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Costs Budgeting and Management

costs budgetingCosts budgeting is compulsory for most Multi Track cases issued after 1st April 2013. The costs budgeting process can be riddled with pitfalls and complexities and it is imperative that you seek input from an appropriately experienced legal costs expert during this process.

When it comes to costs budgeting, there are many Judgments that serve as timely reminders that as far as compliance with Court directions and rules are concerned, the Courts are not prepared to indulge parties who fail to follow the rules to the letter. Breaches of costs management rules are not taken lightly by the Courts and often result in the Courts imposing severe sanctions, including leaving Solicitors entitled to only the Court fees of their costs budget.

Our team of Costs Lawyers and Draftsmen have the knowledge and experience to fully comply with the requirements of the costs management process and prepare accurate costs budgets that you can confidently rely upon.

Our Costs Budgeting And Management Services

Our approach is to prepare comprehensive costs budgets which can be either agreed or approved by the Court with as little inconvenience to you as possible. Our costs budgeting and management services include:

  • Preparation of Precedent H costs budgets
  • Consideration and analysis of the opponent’s costs budget
  • Preparation of composite comparison tables
  • Preparation of Precedent R budget discussion reports
  • Attendance at Costs Case Management Conferences
  • On-going monitoring to ensure your expenditure is within budget for each stage of the litigation process

How Our Legal Costs Experts Can Help

Our team have been servicing an array of clients in this area of legal costs since its inception in 2013. We are able to provide a quick turnaround and can offer a bespoke package to ensure that our clients are receiving the tailored service they require. Urgent requests can be accommodated and our team are always at hand to expedite matters where necessary.

In circumstances where the budgeted costs become the subject of Detailed Assessment at a later date, our legal costs experts are able to prepare the appropriately formatted phased Bills of Costs (both in traditional format and Precedent S electronic format) which will accurately reflect the costs budget prepared, thereby maximising your chances of costs recovery.

All initial enquiries are completely free of charge, so please do not hesitate to call us. We will provide you with a price quotation and a choice of funding methods so get in touch today to speak to one of our legal costs experts.

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John Mistri

Senior Costs Consultant
Legal Costs

“John has been a valuable asset to us on some of our very large and complex litigation with substantial cost implications. He is very much part of the legal team and is quick to get to grips with the legal and procedural issues, which underpin his work relating to costs. He is also alive to the wider commercial considerations in dealing with these issues. He is also a pleasure to work with on a personal level. I would highly recommend him.”

Imogen Randall, Senior Associate, Freeths

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