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Employment Solicitors

employment solicitorsAt Elite Law our experienced Employment Solicitors can help employees and employers navigate the often complex web of regulation governing employment law.

We help employees by:

  • Advising on Settlement Agreements provided by employers to set out their terms of departure, whether because of redundancy or other reason.
  • Helping them to understand the effects of Restrictive Covenants in Contracts of Employment, whether at the beginning or end of the working relationship, and what to do if the employer seeks to enforce restrictions.
  • Representing workers in Employment Tribunal Claims, negotiating with ACAS or attending Judicial Mediation.

We help employers by

If you require specialist legal advice or assistance relating to any of the areas of above please book an initial consultation with one of our experienced Employment Lawyers by calling 0800 086 2929, emailing or by completing our Free Online Enquiry Form.

Settlement Agreements

Settlement Agreements are used where an employee is agreeing to leave their employment in return for compensation. To be legally effective, an employee must receive independent legal advice either from a Trade Union representative or qualified Employment Solicitor.

Restrictive Covenants

Restrictive covenants, sometimes known as post termination restrictions, prevent employees from doing certain things after their employment has ended.

Restrictions on using the employer’s confidential information or intellectual property are common. Other frequently used clauses prevent employees from poaching customers, suppliers and colleagues and might even ban working for any competitor or setting up a competing business.

Our Employment Solicitors can help employees understand their restrictive covenants and the risks they take joining a competitor.

Our Employment Solicitors can help employers draft appropriate restrictive covenants and enforce them if a former employee attempts to poach customers or staff.

Employment Tribunal claims

Our Employment Solicitors have extensive experience of bringing and defending Employment Tribunal claims including for unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, discrimination, whistleblowing and breaches of TUPE legislation.

Contracts, Policies and Procedures

Getting the right contracts, policies and procedures in place ensures that both employers, managers and employees know where they stand. Our Employment Solicitors can either audit existing documents or draft new ones.

Protected Conversations and Settlement Agreements

Employers can find themselves in a situation with an employee that simply isn’t working out. Protected conversations are “off the record” discussions aimed at just such situations – usually offering the employee compensation to leave their job. Our Employment Solicitors can coach you in how to hold a protected conversation to minimise the risk of claims, strengthen your negotiating position and maximise the chances of reaching settlement.

Settlement Agreements formally record the agreement and prevent employees from bringing a claim. Our Employment Solicitors can draft Settlement Agreements and negotiate with the employee’s lawyer to reach a binding agreement.

Disciplinary, Capability and Grievance Procedures

Disciplinary Procedures guide managers on how to investigate and sanction employee misconduct. Capability Procedures guide managers dealing with underperforming or absent employees (whether long term or persistently absent). Grievance Procedures allow employees the opportunity to raise concerns about their employment.

Our experienced Employment Solicitors can help your business by:

  • Drafting Procedures for your Staff Handbook
  • Coaching you through disciplining an employee, dealing with underperformance or absence or handling a grievance
  • Advising on appropriate sanctions for misconduct, underperformance or absence
  • Advising on appropriate resolutions for grievances
  • Defending Employment Tribunal claims

Flexible Working Requests

Employees have had the right to request flexible working for over 20 years now but the flexibility many experienced during the pandemic has led to a higher profile for those who don’t work the traditional 9 to 5 in an office. Legislation that came into force in April 2024 opened the ability to request flexible working to all employees and made some notable changes to the existing procedures. We recommend that all employers audit their flexible working policies to ensure that they comply with these changes.

Our Employment Solicitors can help employers by:

  • Drafting or amending Flexible Working Policies
  • Advising on flexible working requests made by employees and the risks of refusal
  • Coaching employers through handling a request
  • Helping to draft refusals of requests
  • Defending Employment Tribunal claims brought by employees regarding flexible working

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Harassment Policies

Employers can be held vicariously liable under the Equality Act for all forms of discrimination and harassment related to a protected characteristic unless they take all reasonable steps to prevent their employee from acting in the way held to be discrimination or harassment. New regulations require employers to take reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and Anti-Harassment Policies are the first “reasonable step” an employer of any size can take to prevent discrimination and harassment.

Our Employment Solicitors can:

  • Draft appropriate policies
  • Advise on the “reasonable steps” you should be considering to comply with your positive duty to prevent sexual harassment
  • Advise on risks if employees make formal or informal complaints about harassment or discrimination
  • Coach you through formal or informal complaints about harassment or discrimination
  • Help you reach a mutually agreeable resolution with employees who have complained about harassment or discrimination
  • Defend Employment Tribunal claims for harassment or discrimination

Contact our experienced Employment Solicitors

At Elite Law Solicitors, our experienced Employment Solicitors can advise and assist both employees and employers on all aspects of employment law.

If you require specialist legal advice or assistance on any area of employment get in touch today and book an initial consultation by calling 0800 086 2929, emailing or by completing our Free Online Enquiry Form.

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