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Family Mediation Solicitors

family mediation amershamIf you are going through a divorce or separation, you will more likely than not have 1,000 questions running through your mind. What does the future hold? How will we reach agreement on finances? How will I protect the interests of my children?

At Elite Law Solicitors, our experienced family mediators have used their expertise to help hundreds of couples reach agreement about the best arrangements for them and their families.

Whether you need assistance with financial arrangements, or the way in which the children are to be cared for, our experienced mediators can help you reach agreement without the expense and worry of legal fees and going to Court.

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In addition to office meetings, we offer remote meetings via telephone or video conferencing (Zoom or Skype) and can assist you wherever you are based.

What is Family Mediation?

Family Mediation is the process whereby parties meet, in the presence of an independent third party, namely the mediator. The purpose of family mediation is to help parties reach an agreement whilst keeping them on amicable terms. Parties commonly attend family mediation to resolve issues in relation to:

  • Divorce or dissolution of civil partnership
  • Property and financial matters
  • Children, including arrangements for contact and where the children should live or even more specific issues such as what school the children should attend

How does Family Mediation help?

Family Mediation can help make things easier by:

  • Allowing the couple to be able to talk to each other in a safe and managed environment
  • Avoiding the cost and acrimony of Court proceedings
  • Reducing conflict and stress
  • Demonstrating to children that their parents can still work together to resolve difficult problems
  • Enabling the couple themselves to arrive at a solution that works best for them and their family, rather than having a solution imposed on them by a Court

If you considering Family Mediation to help resolve your family issues please call us on 0800 086 2929, email or complete our Free Online Enquiry Form to arrange an initial consultation with our experienced Family Mediation specialist.

How Does Family Mediation Work?

Mediators are impartial and do not take sides. They are there to assist and facilitate discussions between the couple and provide information. Skilled mediators can help maintain focus on the issues, so the couple are more likely to reach agreement.

The mediator will consider with the couple if mediation is suitable for them. Meetings will be arranged to address the issues and consider options. The mediator may suggest other help, such as financial advice or support for children. The discussions are confidential unless concerns arise about the safety of either of the couple or any child. The discussions are legally privileged, which means they cannot be referred to in Court proceedings.

Between meetings the couple may wish to meet with solicitors for advice. Once the couple have made proposals that they both find acceptable the mediator will prepare a summary of those proposals together with a summary of financial information so that those proposals can be approved by the couples’ solicitors who will then complete the legal formalities.

Sometimes the mediation process can only take a single meeting, other times it may take a number of sessions.  Essentially, mediation is a flexible process that can be tailored to the specific needs of those involved.

How Our Family Mediation Solicitors Can Help

The benefit of mediation is that it puts control of events back into your hands.

We have many years of experience of working with couples negotiating the breakdown of their relationship.  We can provide compassionate and impartial facilitation of discussions, working to help both parties come to an agreement they can be happy with.

We have assisted numerous couples to reach agreement with regard to issues concerning arrangements for their children and division of financial assets including high value cases.

Mediation is voluntary, but as a first step before litigation, it is a process that we would strongly recommend separating couples consider.

An experienced family mediator will have an initial consultation with you to discuss your situation in more detail. Once we understand your circumstances better, we can provide you with a clearer understanding of how we can help you.

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If you are considering the Family Mediation process to help resolve your family law issues please contact us by calling 0800 086 2929, emailing or completing our Free Online Enquiry Form.

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