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Group Litigation

group litigationThe increasing use of Group Litigation Orders reflect the growing use of this form of remedy in areas as diverse as shareholder actions, product liability disputes, environmental pollution claims and institutional abuse actions.

Costs in Group Litigation claims are often riddled with difficulties and involve complex issues relating to apportionment. Engaging appropriately experienced and qualified legal costs experts from the outset is essential in order to both maximise your costs recovery and avoid costly mistakes. Our senior Costs Lawyers have extensive experience in this specialist area of legal costs and are familiar with the pitfalls that can often arise in such claims. We regularly deal with complex costs claims arising under Group Litigation Orders or other Managing Orders.

Costs Budgeting In Group Litigation Claims

Costs budgeting can give rise to particular difficulties in Group Litigation claims given the potential size and complexity of such actions and the difficulty of foreseeing how they may progress. We have represented clients in some of the most prominent Group Litigation matters of recent times including the long running case of Bates v Post Office Ltd which settled in late 2019.

Our expert Costs Lawyers are regularly involved in the design and creation of Costs Budgets for complex and unusual matters, including media sensitive multi-million-pound claims. We are experienced in both designing and implementing bespoke Costs Budgets. Such Budgets often prove instrumental in formulating innovative Budget Control Processes which enable clients to be fully appraised at agreed intervals to ensure that the costs remain within the approved Costs Budget. We have assisted numerous clients over the years in facilitating the justification and opposition of multi-million-pound costs claims in high profile matters.

How Our Group Litigation Experts Can Help

Whether your matter is at the Costs Management or Detailed Assessment stage of a Group Litigation claim, our experienced Costs Lawyers are able to assist. Our team will work closely with you in order to devise and implement the appropriate strategy to maximise your costs recovery.

All initial enquiries are completely free of charge, so please call us 0800 086 2929, email, or complete our Free Online Enquiry Form to discuss your requirements with one of our legal costs experts.

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sue nash

Sue Nash

Senior Costs Consultant
Legal Costs

Sue has been practicing in legal costs for over 30 years and is well known for her specialist experience in group litigation as well as costs budgeting. She is a former chairman of the Association of Costs Lawyers and a leading authority on costs.

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