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Selling a House Solicitors

selling a house solicitorsSelling a house or property can feel like a challenge, particularly when you are depending on a successful sale to buy your next home. While it is possible to do the conveyancing work necessary for selling a house yourself, it is also very difficult, which is why most people opt for the simplicity and peace of mind that comes with involving an experienced solicitor in the process.

Our expert team of residential conveyancing solicitors are appropriately experienced and regularly represent clients through the UK.

If you would like to discuss your circumstances or requirements with one of our experienced residential conveyancing solicitors, please call us on 0800 086 2929, email or complete our Free Online Enquiry Form to arrange a free, no-obligation discussion.

What are the stages of selling a house or property?

Before you take any steps towards selling your property, you first need to know how much it is worth. You can do some of the initial research yourself on property websites, but you should then involve estate agents who can give their expert opinion on the value of your home. We would recommend talking to at least three different estate agents in order to get a balanced view.

With this initial step complete, now comes the time to find a good solicitor with experience and expertise in property law. Your solicitor can advise you on the next steps, including how the process will work, what documents you will need, and any issues they foresee that may delay your sale.

The solicitor will also handle important parts of the selling process along with your estate agent (if you choose to involve one). When you receive an offer you want to accept, your solicitor can draw up an initial reservation agreement to act as insurance should one party back out of the sale at a later date.

When you have accepted an offer, your buyer’s solicitor will conduct research on behalf of their client, including carrying out searches, making enquiries, and potentially bringing in a specialist surveyor to build a complete picture of your property. Your solicitor will help you deal with these enquiries and any negotiations that may arise from them.

When all parties are happy, yours and your buyer’s solicitors will exchange contracts on your behalf. Your solicitor will receive purchase money from the buyer, at which point they will pay off your mortgage and deduct their fees, before sending you the remaining money. At this point, all that is left is for you to sign a document that authorises transfer of ownership, and then to move out. These final steps constitute the successful completion of your property sale.

How we can help with the sale of your house

There are a lot of steps to selling a house or property, and a lot of things that can go wrong along the way – from buyers getting cold feet to legal issues coming to light during searches. That is why we would highly recommend involving an experienced and knowledgeable residential conveyancing solicitor in your property sale.

Our solicitors are accredited through the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme, which attests to our expertise in residential conveyancing. We have many years of conveyancing experience and have helped countless homeowners sell property of all shapes and sizes.

An experienced residential conveyancing solicitor will have an initial consultation with you, free of charge, to discuss your situation in more detail. Once we understand your circumstances better, we can provide you with a clearer understanding of how we can help you.  We will also provide you with a price quotation and a choice of funding methods at the outset.

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